Some of those people (like me in WA) go into the mountains several times a week and need them. But I agree with you, too, I just got studless (xi3) this year and they're actually much better - performance on snow/slush is the same and on pavement in the city is much, much better. » 2/18/14 11:24am 2/18/14 11:24am

It wasn't exactly the car I wanted, but close - so I'm about a month in on a 2014 WRX 5-door without nav, highest trim level. Seats are awesome (they are heated) radio is simple and works every time with my iphone over Bluetooth. I test drove 3-series and an allroad to replace my e46, and both had so much e-crap that I … » 2/18/14 9:59am 2/18/14 9:59am

Hey everyone, never been a gambler, but I'm considering giving it a try - just money lines on great home teams. On that note, does the line seem low to anyone else for the chiefs at home? It seems like -220 is a good buy for a 9-1 team at arrowhead, but like I said, I'm new at this. » 11/22/13 12:36pm 11/22/13 12:36pm

jeebus man, i've lived here all my life, and obviously eaten teriyaki the whole time, but didn't realize it was our thing. i'm with you on all the recommendations. my local spot is nikko's in west seattle (but there are a ton of equivalents i'm sure). chicken; if you can find katsu and spicy chicken those are my… » 11/04/13 11:26pm 11/04/13 11:26pm

For reasonably fit and/or athletic men, I think you (and your quote source) are wrong about why men don't do yoga. I tried it several times over several years and always came away frustrated. Men's and women's bodies are very different, and I always came away feeling like the teacher was telling me to move in ways that … » 10/24/13 11:41am 10/24/13 11:41am